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Hello, I am Sazzad Talukdar. Do you know that? I am a Creative Graphic Designer & WordPress Expert (Web Design) & also an Experienced Digital Marketer. I have created many kinds of Websites for my Honorable Clients & also I’ve worked as a Digital Marketer for them and I am still doing so. Actually, I love to Design with Creativity. Design is my Passion and Creativity is my Destination.


Contact: 01611-992588

I am a Hard-Working person. I don’t believe in Failure so Failure cannot consume me. Moreover, I am addicted to Freelancing. I am an amicable person and I love to assist people. I can think fast & my Memory is very sharp and strong. I am fluent in written and spoken English. I am looking forward to a strong bonding and working on long-term Projects for my Clients. Even I love my work very much. Thanks for reading and also You Can Hire Me without any Hesitation!